I believe all individuals are striving to grow in positive ways and that my job as a counselor and therapist is first to understand what would constitute a more enriched and happy life for each adult, teen or child.

Knowing what this would look and feel like in a relationship at home, work, school and in social situations can be a complex process since you may not be sure what goals and dreams are even possible.

Sometimes life deals us hard blows and we seek out counseling just wanting to “feel better” or “stop hurting” first.  That is a great goal.  I can help you do that.

As your therapist, while helping you feel better in the short term, I will also help you verbalize and imagine if there are possibilities for more happiness and fulfillment in your life. Once we are able to create some attainable short and long term goals, it becomes our mission to help you build and add to your set of “life tools” that will help you maintain your path towards your more enriched life.

Sometimes choosing to begin counseling can be a big decision and it is important to feel comfortable with your counselor.  If it is of interest, I do offer a free consultation session for people meet & discuss their situation or any concerns before officially “beginning”.

If it sounds like we have common goals for what you imagine therapy to entail, please contact me by phone or email.